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A ‘one of a kind’ urban experience for innovators at the cutting edge of contemporary hospitality, real estate and living.

Curated experiential urban expedition as we explore Paris; visiting some ground breaking hospitality and real estate properties

A maximum of 50 places are available! Registrations will open two weeks prior to the event. Confirmed 'RECHARGERS' only will receive an online sign up form link to complete to secure your place.


After much exploring, we will be hosting a drinks reception, ensuring everyone can enjoy a quintessential taste of Paris, in the heart of the city.

For any queries then please contact


Join us for a celebratory 'nightcap' and those that are more adventurous may wish to tour some of the hottest nightlife hubs post business hours in Paris - first drink on us!

A range of activities will be on offer, each designed to invigorate you and set you up for the day ahead!

Grab a post walk pastry and reconvene with peers, along with our sponsors and speakers to talk about the days hopes and goals.

RECHARGE is both the event’s manacle and its energetic spark - what do you want of your event? ask your hosts.

• Piers Brown, CEO, International Hospitality Media
• Tom Walsh, CEO, Staycity Group

Day 2

Piers Brown

International Hospitality Media

Discover the latest hospitality and travel trends from the team at International Hospitality Media

Hosted by George Sell, Editor-in-chief, IHM


Day 2

George Sell

International Hospitality Media

Multigenerational living is fast becoming a buzzword among forward-thinking urban real estate developers as it chimes with the mixed-use ethos and a growing will to address loneliness in our communities. But what are the practicalities of multigenerational development, and how can it benefit all its intended resident groups?

30 minutes to freshen up, grab a coffee and get ready for the morning's second half

With extended stay guests looking to stay for longer, and BTR operators offering minimum lengths of stay as little as three months, is there sweet spot where serviced apartments and BTR are servicing the same guests? Will the lines blur even further in the future?

Every facet of our lives is increasingly dominated by technology - travel and hospitality are no exception. What are the future tech trends just over the horizon that will affect the way we travel, work and stay?

Light-hearted but with a serious message, each speaker has 5 mins max to convince the audience the hospitality asset they represent will be the most favoured investment class post-crisis. Each member of the audience has an imaginery £100 million GBP to allocate, who will be the winner?

Featuring: Aparthotels/serviced apartments, PBSA, BTR, coliving, senior living and hotels.

It’s you! We discreetly introduce a few fellow RECHARGERS in the audience who might have some wise ideas to share over lunch

Network with peers over lunch before rejoining for the afternoon's sessions

Following on from the last session, a group of leading real estate investors give more in-depth views on a range of hospitality and real estate.

Workshop: the audience will be split in to teams, with each tasked with conceptualising the reimagining and repurposing of a disused asset.

At least 30 mins to RECHARGE and re-energise with a happy hour drink - non alcoholic options available

A broad range of uses is the cornerstone of major new urban developments. How are these mixed-use projects evolving? How is the 'sweet spot' mix of tenures decided? And what are the challenges of planning, building and operating them?

The teams present their concepts, with feedback from industry leaders.


Piers Brown, CEO, IHM

Day 2

Piers Brown

International Hospitality Media

Time to say goodbye (well, until dinner): Join us for some Decharge Drinks to wind down your day


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It was interesting to hear a European perspective on hospitality as I work in Asia and we know all about the Asian market. The content was great, the topics were great and relevant and I really enjoyed the Escape Room but the best bit was probably the coffee breaks when we could chat with some very interesting people. You (IHM) are the only ones to put on events like this and we want to support this and you as we come over especially from Asia for this.

Dean Schreiber, Oakwood, 2019

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